Thursday, January 21, 2010

Auto Larceny in Arlington Village

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO: All Village Residents
FROM: AV Security Committee through AV Management Office
RE: Auto Larceny in Arlington Village
DATE: January 19, 2010

Three residents reported that their cars were broken-into in the 1000block of South Barton Street in Arlington Village.The passenger door windows were smashed and at least a GPS and clothingwere taken. Arlington County Police were notified. Help prevent Larceny from Autos by doing the following:

• Lock your car
• Close the windows
• Do not leave valuables in plain view (GPS, Satellite Radios,and Cell Phones etc.).
• Call the police immediately if your car is broken into or stolen, with a follow up call to the Arlington Village ManagementOffice.

Please report all crimes and suspicious activity to the ArlingtonCounty Police immediately. For more information on how you can prevent from being a victim of acrime, go to the Arlington County Police Departments web site: under Prevention & Safety /Auto Theft

Thank you for helping to keep Arlington Village safe.

The Security Committee

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Ravine Rez said...

On Tuesday night at around 11 pm, I saw an SUV come charging into the back lot off 13th (behind my place and the office entrance). It rammed into the snow bank. I was pretty visible with the door open and lights on. Driver backed all the way out of the winding driveway rather than turning around. (Hiding license plate, perhaps?)