Monday, November 16, 2009

New Board = New Ideas from Residents

Thank you to everyone who contributed comments under the previous post. I know there were a number of people who did not agree that the Blogger should post the comments received from Residents regarding the GM dismissal. I, however, felt is was important that all sides be heard on this topic. There were some, er, interesting posts about religion. There were also personal attacks which I chose not to post. Clearly, there are issues between some residents. I believe 90% of AV residents could not care less about the fighting between residents and who wins the battle of the condo board Wednesday night. Most residents care only about what we pay in condo fees and sustaining the current level of service.

Now it is time to move our community forward.

With that, let's move on to another topic. We will have a new Board on Wednesday. What would you like to see improved in the community? I personally would like to see the pool dates and times extended. I would also like to see a GM in place who will help bring the community back together again with innovative and new ideas.


Mark said...

Don't get me wrong I love our pool, but the extending the hours/days of the pool likely represents an increased cost to us as owners.

How do we cover costs, by generating more income via condo fees. If you look at the budget, there are likely some areas that a strong GM can trim costs; but not so much that we'll be able to cover the costs of the increased pool hours.

Ask yourself:
Do you justify higher condo fees for longer Pool hours?
Do you justify them for a gym? A playground? when Walter Reed has options that meet in the middle.

I'd just warn us a group to be wary of following our local, state and national governmental trend to spend and spend without agreement that it may cost us in condo fees.

Anonymous said...

One way to cut some costs would be to stop delivering the print version of the Crier. Personally, I would just rather read it online. With the new website, documents definitely get posted much more quickly and it's easy to get a pdf version posted to the AV website.

However, I know that some people like to receive the hard copy of Crier. Perhaps there could be an opt-out choice for those of us who are willing to skip delivery of the printed version?

Or would this be too confusing?

Michael Phelps said...

The printing costs for producing the Crier, plus the man hours required to hand deliver it--are unnecessary. People who need it delivered can opt-IN, and the office can just print it out on a regular printer.

Mark, extending the pool season to include, say, the two full weeks past Labor Day instead of just the weekends, would be a minimal cost (to be determined based on actual negotiations--a new concept for AV). Condo fees won't go up from that, calm down.

Fantomette said...

Mark's comment calls for clarifications. The proposal to extend pool hours is to be assessed within the allotted line item in the existing budget - budget which has already resulted in a reduction in condo fees. And yes, new concept, to be achieved through negotiation of a pool contract.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the crier, let the those who are computer savy read the newsletter on line. An email stating the crier is ready. And a hard copy to those do not have a computer. The Washington Post has done simular thing with the weekly TV guide. You choice if you need a copy.