Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Vote for Candidates of Your Choice!

We all know the outcome of Tuesday's elections. What about our own upcoming Board of Directors elections? Predictions, recommendations?

I received an email this afternoon from someone about getting in your proxy ballots:


Dear fellow residents,

As many of your may know, Arlington Village's Annual Meeting is Wednesday, Nov 18th. The big item at every Annual Meeting is the election of members of the Board of Directors.

You may vote in-person at the meeting, or via mail or by faxing proxy. Either way, I strongly encourage you to vote!

There is no better way to be involved in your community.

A Proxy Ballot was mailed last month with the Annual Meeting Packet, which also contained candidate bios.

Simply complete the ballot and mail or fax it to the addresses below. Ballots received by 11/13 will be entered in the drawing for a $100 credit toward January condo fees.

MAIL your ballot to:
Arlington Village Condominium c/o Legum & Norman, Inc.,
4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 1200
Alexandria, VA 22302
Attn: Proxy Ballot

FAX your ballot to: 703-848-0982


Anonymous said...

AV Residents it's time to stop the apathy and get your proxies in!

Word on the street is that former board members and a few others are planning on disrupting our election. They are apparently still angry about the GM's dismissal and are adamant about doing whatever they can to discredit our current board.

It's time for us as the majority to let them know enough is enough! While I do not harbor any ill will towards any of these people I do not appreciate the hostility and bitterness they have created in our community.

Their behavior has been disgusting at best and we must now let them know that this will no longer be tolerated.

Being on the Board or on a committee in AV is a thankless and tiresome job. The people who are planning on disrupting this election are perfectly within their rights to do so BUT you must remember they have also been on previous boards. Some former officers were virtually ineffective on every level. Some are foul-mouthed bullies. As a matter of fact one former president was on Grounds but presented the board and residents a proposal to remove all of the trees on 13th Street that was less than truthful in the estimated costs and knew it. That person never finished out that term - just quit.

Our present board has had to pick up the pieces of years of abuse by prior boards and it has taken some time. They had to make a difficult decision in dismissing the GM. While that saddens me greatly I have to believe that they made the correct decision.

Why do I believe that? Because I know the majority of these people and I find them to be intelligent, compassionate and fearless in their decisions in order to get AV on the right track. This board has accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time AND they are reducing our condo fees!!

We have a website that is up a running and we have the ability to now pull forms directly from the site. Sure in the scheme of things it may not be a lot BUT we could never get the previous boards to accomplish anything except pool parties!!

It truly saddens me to write this but by the same token I am furious at the way this group of people have behaved and their continued attempts to undermine this board.

I personally do not want to go back to the the way it was so I respectfully ask all of you to submit your proxies and dismiss the sheet that will be delivered to our doors in the next few days.

They even have the chutzpah to ask those of us who have submitted our votes to withdrawal those votes and vote for them! These trouble makers have lost all objectivity and they are not the caliber of person I want leading my community.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

AV Owners should also plan to attend the Annual Meeting.

Than you.

Abdullah Abdullah said...

I agree with the long post above. The behavior of these people is childish at best and evil at worst. Declaring one candidate's submission of interest "late" and thus invalid when it was AOL's fault--purely so they could claim that we don't have enough candidates and thus conveniently have to accept candidates at the meeting. Disgusting. Oh, and who are these "new" candidates? Why, the clique of ex-board members and their posse. In the words of Dana Carvey's Church Lady, "Well, isn't that...special."

Anonymous said...

Rotary Four-Way Test:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Anonymous said...

I also agree with these postings. The reason these people have gained a bit of momentum is because they are all running on raw emotion - stirring the pot if you will. The fact is the GM has been dismissed. DONE! The board cannot tell us the reason(s) because that would be grounds for a law suit.

It's really time for the residents of this community to THINK and realize that the sitting board is doing a good job and have had to make decisions that prior boards couldn't or wouldn't make. This group of ex-board members are bringing nothing to the table - they don't have anything to bring and never did so wake up residents we are moving forward with a board who finally knows how to manage a property and do it well.

Anonymous said...

My votes have been cast for the board members on the original ballot. They have earned my vote. This hang wringing and crying by others who did not get their way has got to stop.

I am also VERY HAPPY to see my condo fees being decreased. GOOD JOB.

Anonymous said...

I received the mailing today, I can't believe the effort they are putting into it. They analyzed everyone's votes. I hope this campaign doesn't discourage the current board. It is, after all, a volunteer job. They don't deserve this.

Anonymous said...

I received an very long letter in the mail today from concerned residents. Hey guys - get a life!

This board is doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, the $260 spent on that silly mailing would have done more good at a food bank or other worthy cause. Unit 444 must be loaded!

Exiled Democratically elected Leader of Burma said...

Don't worry about the cost--I'm sure it was printed out from a Federal employee's computer using taxpayer funds.