Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Board Meeting Tonight!

Go check it out. Maybe you can find out who has signed up to run for the Board. Should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

As long as the candidates actually live here, they're very welcome.

Anonymous said...

I live close enough; that should count.


Anonymous said...

Anything happen at meeting last night? All I saw on the agenda were some sidewalk replacements and an oral history of Arlington Village.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on the ERC Twitter Account...AVGreenTeam: #arlingtonvillage BoD decides to terminate GM after long deliberation. Announcements pending.

What does that mean? The Board fired someone?

Anonymous said...

The Board fired our GM!!

As one BOD commented from last nights events; "They're all Ruthless!!"

Anonymous said...

Good for the board for making this decision. It takes a lot of guts to fire a long time employee. They must have had their reasons.

I am happy the board is looking out for the best interests of the residents. Tough decisions are part of that.

Anonymous said...

There will be reprecussions especially since no thought or consideration was given for a replacement.

Who is now managing the Village. The Board? No! Current staff? No! Are you? No!

We are a ship w/o a captain and at the very least the BOD should have had a plan in place before they pulled the trigger. "Sloppy" is the best way to describe their decision process.

Is anyone surprised? No!

The AV community will deal with the BOD's accordingly.

Now, are you a a Board member. Or, are you running for the Board?

Please advise.

Anonymous said...

"We are a ship w/o a captain and at the very least the BOD should have had a plan in place before they pulled the trigger."

Captain Carmen Beaty was shot??!!

Seriously, lady, please don't include all of us on your ship of fools.

There are actually some residents who are not complete idiots. You should go and seek them out.

And stop mixing metaphors.

Anonymous said...

We have smart people on our Board of Directors. I believe in them. Arlington Village will be fine and better off.

Ship without a Captain? That is childish and dramatic. The whole office did not leave and she was never a "captain" to our "crew".

Anonymous said...

"Mixing metaphors." Boy, aren't you clever with words. PR?

The BOD acted recklessly in the firing of our GM.

And whomever said it takes "guts" to fire someone has NEVER been in a position of authority.

Who is now running our management team, and front office?

The BOD? Ha, ha, ha,.....

Rule #1 when you terminate a management position:

"have someone in place so the transition is seemless."

Again, the BOD should be ashamed of themselves. This could have been avoided had they taken the time to coach and counsel -- instead they took a shortcut which will be felt my all residents.

Anonymous said...

Carmen is a great person, a hard worker but unfortunately she was put into a position that she was not ready to tackle and this has been going on for years. It wasn't this board that put Carmen in that position it was the 'good old girl' network. Why didn't they 'coach and counsel' her to ensure she was capable of the job?

Also, how do you know what happened in a closed executive session UNLESS you are a board member. And if you are - shame on you.

This board, with the exception of two members, is the best board AV has ever had. They are good, fair people and I'm sure this decision was not something that any of them took lightly. So before everyone starts beating them up - don't you think it would make more sense if we had the facts instead of just shooting from the hip?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What's Jan going to do now? She's got no one to push around and intimidate any longer. Does this mean that her sales are going to fall now that she doesn't have access to our personal files?

She's the one that should go.

Anonymous said...

BOD -- your excuses are too late, your decisions poorly thought out and your reputations tarnised.

No one has confidence in our BOD.

Board member don't have confidence in their members, and it was reflected in the vote to oust our GM.

No, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Reputations tarnished? Hardly. How about applauding this Board for making a difficult decision but also realizing it was time for someone more capable in the GM position. That's called forward thinking.

It's also quite obvious that this Board, unlike past boards, have the residents best interest at heart. And please don't speak for me, for the first time in all the years I've lived in AV I finally have confidence in the BOD.

Until we have the facts don't pass judgement.

Anonymous said...

I have confidence in the Board for the most part. There are only one or 2 members that I feel that bully other people on the Board.

Anonymous said...

"Forward thinking" what's that mean, anyway?

You fired an older women who is only a handful of years away from retirement.

She's been here forever, and maybe that was the problem, but then, why didn't the Board deal with this issue sooner when she would have had the opportunity to rebound?

What happened to compassion? What happened to rewarding someone who has spent their entire life at the Village? Does being loyal count anymore? Is that the "new" forward thinking" you were refering to?

She's a decent women, maybe in over her head but she could manage the day to day stuff and right now, until we find another GM, that would have been fine with our community.

And, what exactly was her crime?

Was she stealing? Cooking the books? Late for work? No, she was hogtied by the (self-serving) demands of the Board.

And when she collasped from the weight of THEIR needs Vs. the needs of AV, her job performance suffered, and so she was fired.

Each of you are so quick to condemn. "Hey, we have some new blood for the blog, someone in management got fired."

It's sinful to treat anyone the way the BOD's treated her.

This is a sad day for AV; we have nothing to be proud of, and the BOD's need to rethink the priorties of the Village, and put their personal needs away.

So, now the Fox is in-charge of the Hen House...

Anonymous said...

Carmen is a very personable person, but is she competent? No one forced her to take this job or put her in this position. What has she done to improve? Anything?? I don't know the facts, and don't think any of you do since the facts would be personal info. To say the BOD is reckless without the facts is reckless.

Carmen hogtied by the needs of the BOD? Thats an OVer the top comment. The BOD represents the needs of AV. Perhaps Carmen was actually overwhelmed by all the old nitpickers (NOT the BOD) in AV and on this blog who think she should do their bidding.

Anonymous said...

I have faith in the board because they made this decision instead of letting the girls club rule the day.

AV will improve as a community and I will help the BOD.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hogwash? My grandmother used that word. Not everyone shares your opinion.

Anonymous said...

your grandmother was a smart women.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster who posted on 10/1 at 9:01: who is the "girls club" that you commented about in your post? What have they done in the AV community that we should know about? Also, what are some ways you expect to see the village improve?