Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Don't forget to recycle...plant a tree...or possibly even walk to work. You'd think that they would try and have an Earth Day every month? 12 out of 365 days would be better than just one per year...right?

Alas, I believe that the ERC committee is having some type of Earth Day event tonight in Arlington Village. If you know the details please post. I've recycled my Crier so I have no idea what's happening.

Anyone doing anything good for Earth Day?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm attending the Earth Day events this evening. And, I hope you decide to do so as well.

I'd like to meet some of you complainers who would rather sit home and whine Vs doing something positive for the earth we live on.

Let's clink glasses so I can see what the eyes of a miserable human being looks like.


Have A Nice Earth Day!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not miserable, and I hope you're not either. It's delicately, therefore, that my Earth Day contribution to you is to point out that plural "eyes" does not agree with singular "looks."

And to remind you that this is not the forum in which to discharge your venom -- Earth Day or no.

That said, I'd love to meet you, little girl, over a drink. In public. Maybe we can discuss this:

Anonymous said...

You're both being foolish. Enough!!

Anonymous said...

Anybody attend the event?

CUPCAKE said...


I wonder why the prohibition (like that word?) on “hard liquor” at game night? Cupcake can get just as hammered on beer or wine as gin and scotch. Just a random thought today.

Anonymous said...

I attended.

Everybody got drunk and ran naked around the ravine.

A good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

OH NO! We're they considered "invasives"? Quick somebody call the ERC for an investigation! Oh, those poor trees!