Thursday, January 1, 2009

Important Info on Condo Payments for January

In case you aren't on the AVBlast...

TO: Arlington Village Unit Owners
FROM: Arlington Village Management Office
DATE: December 24, 2009
RE: January 2009 Condo Fee Payment

Just in case the USPS does not deliver your new coupon books before December 31, 2008, please follow these steps to make your January 2009 Condo fee payment. Remember, your condo fees are due on the first of the month, a late fee of $30.00 will be added on the 15th of the month.

1. make your check out to "Arlington Village Condo"
2. make sure your Arlington Village address and unit number are on your check or write this information in the memo portion on your check.
3. address the envelope to

Arlington Village
c/o Legum & Norman, Inc.
4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 1200
Alexandria, VA 22302

Please feel free to call the Arlington Village Management Office at 703-920-1000 or email us at


Anonymous said...

"Just in case the USPS doesn't deliver by Dec 31st"?

Yea, right. Blame the post office.

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same thought...

"your new coupon books are in the mail...; nuthin' we can do...; give us some money... ."

Signed, Carmen.

Seriously? said...

I just wonder why Arlington Village would send this out on Christmas Eve. I imagine that a large percentage of people have plans for the holidays and potentially this kind of important information should have come sooner? Also, didn't Arlington Village decide to have the payments taken out on the 5th? So then the checks really shouldn't be due until Monday?

Anonymous said...

I sent the auto form in the day I got it, luckily I was home. The new management company sent me a reply letter telling me it will be taken auto for January fees. Another thing how many times have I given the office my email never to receive the blast?

Anonymous said...

I also sent my form into L&N to start auto pay for my condo fee. I received a letter from them saying they would start deducting beginning with January fee. A letter came from our previous management company saying that they have stopped their deduction from my account. So, I have to say so far so good. I could not have been easier.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that US Postal Service sure is slow! Jan 5th and no coupon books yet! Haha!

Oh, and I also have asked to be put on AVblast and...nothing.

Anonymous said...

That's ok. I sent in my check and still haven't heard anything back.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are missing the boat. This new 'management' manages the money. Nothing has changed in the 'office'. It's not the 'offices' fault that the delay occurred.

My one criticism is that L&N didn't even initially address the option I prefer, which is to just use my banks Billpay service. I never like the idea of Direct Debits (just wait until your bank double debits your mortgage, and then they expect YOU to sort it all out). I also had a feeling that the coupon books would be fumbled.

I had to get a hold of the guy that at L&N that is our contact, and ask where I can just send a check sans coupon.

This waste of paper (the coupon books) is ridiculous in days of today.

Hopefully this is just a bump we deal with and that this company manages the expenses and income better. What we 'get' for our condo fees is almost comical. The fees we pay now should never increase at the rates of the past, or they are going to really drive down our home values vs. the many new constructions.

Anonymous said...

I sent my check in before 12/31/08 and it still hasn't been cashed. Is it good they hold on to them like this?