Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Go Green during the Holidays in Arlington

Going Green doesn't mean become the Grinch! I was hovering around the Arlington County website and saw this great page. It gave a bunch of ways to be better to the environment around the holidays.

Look at this tidbit of information from their website, "Every year during the period from Thanksgiving to New Years, Americans generate an extra one million tons of trash per week."

Can you say WOW!?

Click here for some more great info and ideas for green gifts and how to decorate green!

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Anonymous said...

Serendipity strikes again...

From yesterday's mortgaged NYT:

"The economic downturn has decimated the market for recycled materials like cardboard, plastic, newspaper and metals. Across the country, this junk is accumulating by the ton in the yards and warehouses of recycling contractors, which are unable to find buyers or are unwilling to sell at rock-bottom prices."

The whole story here: