Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Gifts Delivered to Your Unit?

The other day someone posted some information about packages being taken from stoops during the spring. See message below. I know many people will be getting packages sent to their please be careful. Also, look out for your neighbors. Tis the season to be especially nice or else you will get coal in your stocking. If you see something suspicious in the neighborhood call the police. You might be saving someone's special Xmas presents from being stolen/ruined.

"What happened was I caught 2 thieves red-handed stealing packages from AV owners door steps during the day. They walked all throughout AV looking for packages and another resident found them in the ravine opening boxes they stole. Once I caught them they denied it, even though the thief was holding a box delivered to my neighbor. The cops ended up coming but the culprits ran away with some items."

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Anonymous said...

Actually, this was discussed on a radio program this morning. With the economy the way it is some people are actually following UPS drivers to learn their route and steal packages. Talk to your neighbors if you're out of town and have them pick up your packages. I know my neighbor did this for me recently and it was a huge help.