Thursday, April 8, 2010


The blog has been oh so boring lately...hasn't it? At least that's what we've been hearing. So...what's new?

-AV has chosen a new Board Member to replace Brandie Davis...and the winner is Carolyn Amesse.

-The new Grounds company has been edging if you see your sidewalks and trees being dug around and fiddled with you'll know it is because Blade Runners has started their new contract with us.

-We hear there are piles of chairs (a.k.a. parking markers) still in limbo since the snowstorm. Go get your chair!

I guess we are waiting to hear if the pool hours will be changed this season? There was a lot of chatter about that last year and lengthening the pool season as well. Any updates from anyone about our pool status?


Anonymous said...

Ok. I'll bite. Why was the board laughing at the first resume?

I don't know Carolyn; hence I have no reason to believe she's not the nicest, most honest person around. I congratulate her unreservedly and hope she does a fine job serving the board and A.V. residents.

That said, I hope one of Carolyn's first objectives is to find the anonymous imbecile above and ask her to keep her vapid and pointless verbal ejaculations to herself. Or to her cat.

Or at least use the exclamation point more sparingly.

I don't believe the board laughed at anyone's bona fides, though.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

Can we talk about the Imperial/Greenfeild/Regency empire?

What's the story with those companies? Why do they win so many contracts for AV? Do they have some connection? Is it true that the sister of one of the owners works in the AV office? And that Jann Kinnemer is hooked up with them too? Do they really have a workshop on AV property?

Blogger, please help!

Anonymous said...


Why do you still have an ax to grind with Jan K...?

How would you like to be scourned in front of your neighbors?

You're not a nice person.

I thought you turned the corner, but you're right back to being nasty.