Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet The Candidates TONIGHT!!!

Obama won for let's see who will win for change at Arlington Village! Come talk to the candidates and see what they have to say. It starts at 7:30 PM. Refreshments will be provided.


cupcake said...

As a tribute to the owner of units 145, 533 and 535 Cupcake will attempt to write this posting completely in the third person.

While watching the election results last night Cupcake had the opportunity to review the candidates’ bios in the annual meeting package. The theme of “change” seems to be sweeping both the country and the little plot of land in Arlington County known as Arlington Village. How refreshing to read words like vision, forward thinking, grow, redevelop, breath new life into, and improving. Five of the six candidates articulated this call for change one way or another. All seem very dedicated and qualified. --However -- Cupcake did have issues with the one candidate that dwells in the past. After reading it, Cupcake thought that the only things Miss K didn’t do in the Village were to dig the clay, mold and fire the bricks, then lay them one on top of each other to construct our “solidly built, colonial style, brick town homes.” (Cupcake got that line from the AV website.)

As readers might have gleaned from some older other posts, Cupcake does feel that if the community is to remain an attractive place to live it MUST start thinking of the needs of residents living in 2008 and not 1981. Yes, the board can continue to maintain the Village just as they inherited from the developer in 1981 or it can recognize that homeowners of today have a different set of expectations when purchasing their homes. Cupcake is not advocating installing a fitness center on top of the pool house as was suggested several years ago, but serious consideration needs to be given to making sure the community maintains its “curb appeal.” Cupcake recalls that TV remodeling program that featured a unit in the Village. Wasn’t it titled “Tired little townhouse?” Cupcake doesn’t want 650 tired little townhouses in AV.

What to do? Cupcake plans on going to the meeting tonight and chatting with the prospective board members. Then Cupcake must vote.

If this really is a time for change, then owners need to get their act together. This is a tricky ballot. Keep in mind that as a rule only approx. 30% of owners actually cast ballots. With four openings and six candidates, the vote will be split more than usual. Miss K has quite the voting block, and with razor thin margins deciding who wins this is almost a lock for her. The only way Cupcake sees around this is if owners do two things: vote in accord and get non-voting neighbors to cast that ballot they’ve never cast before. If it is true what our dear blogger has written, and there is a movement under foot to get a solid voting block together then the first step has already been taken. The second step will be harder though. Might be time for some old-school pandering for votes. Cupcake is certain there will be some comments seen on this blog that will indicate how things are going in this regard.

Cupcake will be tying that broom to the stoop in hopes of a clean sweep come November 19th.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone go to the "Meet the Candidates" event tonight? I'd love to hear how it went!

Anonymous said...

Odd questioning. How many hours do you plan to work? What is your favorite committee? Lots of communication questions. Maybe something will happen with the website being stagnant waste. There should have been some agenda questions. Not just what is your favorite color. Needed a meet and greet instead, with drinks.

Anonymous said...

That's all we got for questions? How many people were there? No hard ball questions?

femf8le said...

Quite a good turn out for one of these events.

The question to Ryan about his being booted off the board this year was hard hitting. He kind of had that Palin "in what context" look in his eye. Still voting for the block of four though. That's our only hope of sending some folks off to retirement.

The former board member that asked about the budget was a good question too.

Shame the power didn't go out, would have loved to see the generator kick in.

Anonymous said...

Dammit. Something else I missed. I haven't even received a Crier this month. Perhaps it's voter suppression...

When is voting over?

Anonymous said...

Voting dates were in the candidates package that everyone should have gotten. People, is it really that hard to keep up on this stuff? (But, yes, the Crier is late again this month...sigh)

concerned22204 said...

I noticed that the most viable option on the proxy is to name Jan as the board secretary. Not that I have any basis for this question, but are there procedures to make sure there's no Mayor Daley
vote rigging possible?